Live Stars Whitepaper


Live Stars is creating the new generation webcam platform that implements blockchain technology. The platform has
a transparent structure and it oers a multitude of advantages against the projects currently existing on the market.
The main goals of our project are to create a platform with an automated system, eliminate the existing webcam
industry problems, and organize the work of the Live Stars´ project.

We set ourselves a number of objectives: optimizing the internal business model, eliminating high commissions,
eliminating the delays in payments, improving the security, providing the users with complete anonymity, releasing
the models’ relationship with the client from any intermediaries and human errors, and making the platform more
convenient for all participants.

Our experience in the software development and blockchain technology, as well as our experience and internal
knowledge of the webcam industry, allows us to create a modern platform, which will stand above all existing

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Live Stars Whitepaper