Lina Whitepaper

Review means the evaluation and description of user’s experience upon the use
of a product or service (for example, product could be a book, a phone, a car, etc.,
service could be a tour, a course, a hotel, a restaurant, etc.). The evaluation of
reviewer usually consists of 02 parts: one for the description of the experience and
the other for quantifying the quality of the product or service with an easily
identified scale. Although reviews and reviewers play a very important role in
stimulating demand for products and services and building image for service
providers, in practice the review results are often manipulated by Corporations,
large companies through marketing techniques, or even a direct cooperation with
the review system providers, making it difficult for users to trust the results of
product reviews. In addition, the reviews and reviewers are often localized, making
it difficult for users to search and compare the reviews among communities. The
solution to this problem is to build – the platform for reviewing on
Blockchain, utilizing blockchain’s immutability to produce the best possible
transparency and create conditions for reviewers to benefit from providing quality
reviews, as well as easily and directly interact with users and providers of products
or services that are currently trustless. Lina tokens shall be the native token of the
system, with the purpose of tokenizing the review industry.

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Lina Whitepaper