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Video games and eSports markets, representing the largest part of the global gaming
industry, have started to attract the attention not only of their core audience (gamers),
but also of crypto community. The global market for video games has already
surpassed that of the film industry, topping $105 bn in 2017. This should not be
surprising given that the funds required to develop and release a video game is often
on a par with the budget of a Hollywood blockbuster.

At the same time, the tremendous growth of cryptocurrencies and dissemination of
blockchain technology suggests that there are opportunities to unite eSports
entertainment with a blockchain-based solution. This would address a number of
inefficiencies and offer unique advantages over conventional streaming platforms,
whose features have remained virtually unchanged over time.

To date, more than 30 gaming industry projects have been launched that make use of
blockchain technology, which is just a fraction of the vast number of token sales being
launched daily, a figure which now exceeds 300 a month. It is evident that there is a
gap in the market for a project that can unite blockchain with the gaming industry to
create a solution that benefits all parties. Play2Live has the potential to become a
trailblazer in this emerging market and to establish a major presence before other
enterprises emerge in the space.

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Level Up Coin Whitepaper