LemoChain Whitepaper

The Founders of LemoChain (Lemo for short) are committed to developing a
decentralized data circulation ecosystem, focused on facilitating the effective open
exchange of structured business data. Built on blockchain technology, Lemo’s ‘SmartContract Value Transfer Protocol’ is able to achieve a P2P and B2B data exchange
across a DApp platform – a decentralized application platform suitable for a range of
industries (including education, social networking, gaming, recruitment, finance etc.).
Lemo’s innovative technology, comprehensive ecosystem governance and inclusive
nature will facilitate an all- encompassing platform for widespread data pioneering.
From a technical viewpoint, Lemo possesses strong research and development
capabilities. Through implementing an established technological framework, Lemo will
be the first blockchain to run on a D-PoVP (Delegated Proof of Valued Participation)
consensus mechanism. This innovative mechanism will be implemented in alignment
with varying regulatory requirements across a broad spectrum of commercial

Meanwhile, the adoption of secure multi-party computation, zero-knowledge proofs
and homomorphic encryption will ensure secure and efficient data transfer; thus
establishing the underlying trust foundations for data circulation on Lemo.
From an angle of ecosystem governance, The Lemo Foundation is designed to
drive R&D growth, governance transparency and the overall development of the
LemoChain ecosystem, so as to strive for universal security and cooperation between
all stakeholders. The Foundation regularly evaluates all aspects of the open source
community from several dimensions such as code management, team management,
financial management and public relations. Thus, the sustainability of Lemo, the
efficiency of the Foundation’s management and the security of crowdfunding can be

In regards to mobile applications, Lemo, along with service providers, will enhance
business’ off-chain capabilities by facilitating decentralized application development
and providing smart contracts which align with real commercial logic. Eventually, not
only does Lemo strive for the broad adoption of ‘Go-Mobile’ strategies; but ultimately
aims to optimize traditional businesses using blockchain technology. Lemo maintains
the belief that by realizing blockchain’s potential for business development, companies
can bring tangible benefits to a range of stakeholders.

Within the whole ecosystem, Lemo will collaborate with third-party developers to
provide support and technical framework assistance, including:
• LEMO Token – The encrypted Lemo token (LEMO) will be the universal medium
of exchange on Lemo. LEMO will be a stable store of value that will facilitate
data exchange, regardless of time or location.
• Commercial data matching and trading system – Providing data distribution
services based on multi-party computation calculations; assisting different
applications in developing compliant and transparent data distribution channels.
• Data Circulation – Sharing of data (serving for all social apps), helping different
apps to build legal and transparent data flow channels.
• Account System – One account has access to all apps, increasing conversion
rates and expanding traffic sources.
• Digital Asset Smart Contract – Ensuring the ownership authentication of digital
assets for developers and users; helping the circulation and liquidation of digital
assets, thus improving user’s mobilization.
• ntegrity System – User credit system; an interest-driven system, evaluating
overall ecosystem contribution; so as to recognize and reward positive
contribution whilst discouraging negative input. This will aid developers in
selecting target users whilst increasing conversion rates.
• Data encryption storage and transmission system – Providing a securely
encrypted system for the storage and transmission of data for B-end users and
developers .

At the same time, we will lay down a reward plan to encourage early third-party
developers to work with us on LemoChain-based mobile-end services, promoting the
efficient and synergetic development of blockchain.

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LemoChain Whitepaper