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Businesses today find new potential customers through a combination of classic,
offline methods and newer, digital marketing strategies. One of the most common
digital marketing practices today is the use of pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google
(Adwords and Adsense) and Facebook. This method allows businesses to drive
traffic, or new visitors to their website in an effort to generate more business from
new customers. These PPC ads represent the first step of a classic digital marketing

Some businesses prefer to skip the step of converting traffic to leads and simply
purchase lists of cold (old) leads that have not expressed a need in real time. This
means that a salesperson needs to reach out those leads and check if they have an

The Opportunity
Google and Facebook currently dominate PPC advertising. According the Statistics
Portal, Google generated over $79 billion in advertising revenue and Facebook
generated over $26 billion in 2016. With an average of 17% yearly growth for Google
and 54% yearly growth for Facebook the total ad revenues for both companies will
surely top $100 billion in 2017. While businesses invest large sums of money to
acquire new customers, a large majority of them remain unsatisfied with their
resulting leads. This dissatisfaction opens the door for businesses to work with a
new method of buying real-time leads.

The Problem
Leads are the fuel of every business; however, nearly every business suffers from
the same problem which is a lack of affordable and qualified leads. According to
Hubspot, the average conversion rate for Google Adwords across all industries is
2.7%. These low conversion rates yield very low satisfaction, as only 22% of
businesses are currently satisfied with their conversion rates. Lead lists offer an
even lower conversion rate, as leads from such lists are completely cold, having
shown no interest.

This means that over 95% of the money that businesses spend on acquiring
new leads is wasted.

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