LUXCoin Whitepaper


Underlying technologies of applications we use and how
enterprises carry out their businesses are already being
transformed by the advent of blockchain technology. Along
with smart contracts, the world is in the process of moving to
a trustless, paperless and secure economy, be it the transfer of
data, assets, legal contracts or even for entertainment. While
Bitcoin led us on this revolutionary path, the landscape of
blockchain technology has seen tremendous technological
advancement in the past few years with the help of many
innovative blockchain projects.

We have already seen the power of distributed ledgers as a
single source of truth: in financial transactions, improvement
in network stability and consensus rules, decentralized treasury
systems, secure anonymous and private transactions of data,
significant increase of transaction speeds, digital contracts,
DAOs, DApps and even cross blockchain communication

But very few companies offer customizable and bespoke
blockchain solutions for end users, enterprise and institutions
that incorporate the best features of the current blockchains
while being industry agnostic.

LUXCORE’s open-source blockchain includes the groundbreaking,
energy-efficient, ASIC resistant algorithm PHI1612;
the tradeable commodity, Lux Coin; Masternodes that act as
a network security and rewarding system; Smart Contracts;
and SegWit for improved transaction size and malleability.
The closed-source products, focused on service providers,
enterprises and institutions, include Parallel Masternodes
(PMN), LuxGate, PoS Enabled Web Wallet, DApps and
blockchain implementation and consulting services.
LUXCORE will provide a set of unique protocols and tools for
easy integration across businesses that requires secure intraorganizational
blockchain or permissioned blockchain networks.
With its upcoming consulting arm, the company aims to set up,
maintain, and improve such networks for organizations and

Other blockchain solutions take an Us vs. Big Business or Us
vs. Governments approach. LUXCORE’s blockchain solution
and IT Services are built to help all three parties by allowing
various levels of features and security for the user as required.

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LUXCoin Whitepaper