Kolion Whitepaper


KOLIONOVO ecosystem project [1] offers all interested parties to crowdfund and
participate in the formation of a decentralized, financially sustainable, socio-economic and
industrial development of the farmer cooperation on a crowdfunding basis. Non-fiat funds
attracted by crowdfunding will be spent for the development of local ecotourism and
agribusiness set up by a farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov; they are a key “financial leverage” and
a driver of KOLIONOVO dynamic development.

Mikhail Shlyapnikov is the main ideologist and initiator of this project.
Production of organic products of natural (rural) economy and provision of services of
environmentally pristine vacation in the territory of KOLIONOVO are the two key areas of
activity included in the loyalty program.

The crowdfunding campaign will be carried out through purchasing discount tokens
KOLIONs (KLN). Emission of tokens will be carried out on the WAVES blockchain platform

The unique nature of the loyalty program, which applies to all participants of the
KOLIОNOVO ecosystem crowdfunding campaign, lies in obtaining regular privileges and
product tokens, as well as setting special prices for the products and services of enterprises in the

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Kolion Whitepaper