Knoxstertoken Whitepaper

Our world is changing faster than ever and it’s hard to keep up with new
trends, buzz-words, and emerging technologies. The use of the blockchain
technology is at an all-time-high. The number of different crypto currencies
are now counted in the thousands, when it comes to different tokens, coins,
digital assets or whatever one chooses to call them.
Unfortunately, the rate of cyber-crimes is also at an all-time-high and being
online has never been as unsafe as now. Hacks, mass-surveillance
espionage, virus, malware, espionage, phishing, extortion… the list of
attacks is long, and it keeps growing day by day, as the attackers are
getting more sophisticated, aggressive and creative.
FBI states that we have entered a cyber-crime epidemic and that cybercrimes have surpassed “normal” old-school crimes – both in force and
The team behind FortKnoxster, who are experienced cyber-security and
crypto engineers, has spent over 3 years developing a “Fort Knox” of an
end-to-end encrypted communication platform.
“FortKnoxster has leveraged the use of the blockchain and
sophisticated end-to-end encryption techniques into a user
friendly all-in-one communication platform, where users can
communicate privately and safely, be it through inbox, chat,
phone/video calls, file-storage etc. FortKnoxster eliminates the
risk of hacks, cyber-threats and centralised government
FortKnoxster is the world’s first all-in-one peer-to-peer encrypted
communication platform.
FortKnoxster is all you need to communicate, interact and work safely in an
online world dominated by growing cyber-crimes.
Since day one, FortKnoxster is one of the few token sales backed by a
working product.

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Knoxstertoken Whitepaper