Kind Ads Token Whitepaper

The Leadchain Foundation is launching the Kind Ads Protocol, a decentralized
protocol on the Ethereum blockchain that improves how publishers and
advertisers engage online (the “Kind Ads Protocol”).

A core component of the Kind Ads Protocol is a blockchain-based scoring
system (the “Kind Ads Score”) that ranks publishers and domain names based
on how much they are trusted by their users.

Advertisers can use this trusted domain score to identify and advertise on the
highest quality publishers in their niche.

The Kind Ads Protocol enables publishers to market directly to their audience
in a less intrusive fashion – using more natural communication channels like
e-mail, push notifications and chat – eliminating the need for annoying and
intrusive display ads.

Additionally, applications built on top of the Kind Ads Protocol can provide
users with a global opt-out list and enable users to be compensated if they do
choose to receive marketing messages.

Perhaps most importantly, the Kind Ads Protocol, together with its
applications (together, the “Kind Ads Ecosystem”), facilitates this functionality
without the 30%+ fees charged by most advertising middlemen.

Kind Ads Token Website
Kind Ads Token Whitepaper