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Challenges faced by Individuals in Manufacturing

In today’s market scenario, not just companies but many individuals also
manufacturer Mobile Applications, Web Services, Websites, Original
products and Illustrations etc. However, the product or a service which an
individual manufacture does not get high recognition and awareness
compared to products or services made by big companies. One of the major
reasons for this is low commercial backing. Also, there are numerous instance
of individual manufacturers having to give up manufacturing due to less
support, fewer users of their creations and start-up funding issues.

The problems stated above are directly linked to individual manufacturers
not being able to sell and market simultaneously while manufacturing. The
sales and marketing (Activities to spread a creation to the world) being an
important aspect of any business, can sometimes be overlooked or
undermined due to lack of funds. Also, it would not be incorrect to assume
that majority of individuals do not have sufficient knowledge or information
of proper PR and human resources management like big companies have.

On the contrary, some individual manufacturer can make and share their
creation such as videos, illustrations, mobile applications professionally with
the help of some popular online platforms like Pixiv, Niko-Niko video,
YouTube, SoundCloud. Crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter is also
becoming common nowadays to get financial or promotional backing. Even
considering this, the fact remains that the threshold of manufacturing by
individuals is gradually decreasing day by day.

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