Joint Ventures Whitepaper

Joint Ventures brings a much-needed change to the current digital content landscape. Our aim
is to create an economy that rewards every participant of the network, including publishers,
authors, commenters, advertisers, and moderators, while minimizing third-party commissions.
Joint Ventures plans to create a community-centered content economy. We discuss the
implementation of a transparent advertising revenue model in our ecosystem, which will allow
publishers to monitor real-time engagements with their content as well as helping advertisers to
get the maximum value out of their advertising budget.

Our first product is projected as a commenting solution, envisioned for the benefits of both
publishers and commenters. It is designed to increase user interaction with publishers and will
be available on websites along with mobile applications. That functional and unique user
interface will attract users and publishers, leading to increased user engagements. Joint
commenting solution will run on websites with millions of monthly visitors, enabling a new
token economy where publishers will be gaining Joint tokens based on the quality of the content
and commenters will be rewarded in regard to their contribution to the ecosystem.

On a typical commenting solution, on the other hand, the commenters are not rewarded fairly
for their contributions. Regarding money stream, the money flows from advertisers to
publishers, but not before the commenting system takes its own cut. Blockchain allows Joint to
easily calculate the value of individual contributions and distribute the rewards fairly and

This will be followed with our other in-line product, Ad Exchange, to bring advertisers in to the
system. Content Discovery on the other hand, will enable publishers to acquire new visitors
from other Joint publishers, and Affiliate Platform, which will make it possible for publishers to
earn more revenue with referrals. All of these products will run on Joint token which is an
erc-20 based token that will be tradeable on multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Joint Ventures offers additional tools to publishers to create, reward, and grow their
community. Publishers will receive the major share of the advertising revenue. For advertisers,
our platform offers a competitive pricing strategy and an option to advertise at specific ad
placements for different time slots. Joint splits publishers’ rewards with commenters,
depending on the commenters’ level of interaction and value addition to the network.
Joint Ventures addresses the major fraud and middlemen commissions concerns of the
advertising industry by using blockchain technology. Blockchain technology promotes
transparency and creates a secure network for engagement. All the information about the
content economy will be accessible through blockchain explorers.

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Joint Ventures Whitepaper