Jiyo Whitepaper


The Jiyo Whitepaper describes the unique value proposition and key innovations in the Jiyo cryptocurrency
service from an academic and theoretical perspective. The paper captures the unprecedented growth in the
number digital assets service and the earnings in terms of projected market capitalization as well as the
future market potential. By so doing, the paper invariably exposed the challenges facing the sector,
particularly in the area of government resistance to its use in some countries and the inherent issues of
efficiency and integrity of the ecosystem

As a direct response to the highlighted challenges, the paper proposes the Jiyo cryptocurrency alternative
as a perfect solution going forward. It canvassed the point that Jiyo’s unique value proposition which comes
in the frame of a decentralized network that fuses Blockchain technology with that of masternodes and
decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) algorithm, is key to achieving instant & private transactions.
Besides a clear statement of the Jiyo vision, the paper also describes the operational framework of the Jiyo
platform, service features, and functionalities of the coin. It sought to justify focus of Jiyo technology on
Masternodes and DAO as opposed to ICO funding. Effort was also made to establish the viability of the
project by way of analysis of market opportunities as well as layout future growth plans and development

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Jiyo Whitepaper