JET8 Whitepaper


In a digital age, we are still operating within an economic mindset that mimics the brick and mortar
values and procedures of the past.

Much like the glaring roadside billboard, banner ads invade our screens, demanding our attention.
This uni-directional assault on our senses is the result of targeting based on data acquired often
without our knowledge or explicit consent. Brands spend vast sums to place themselves in front of an
audience who, despite their algorithmically-determined interest, have not in fact invited that brand into
their lives.

In this system, centralised social media platforms act as a well-paid middleman, harvesting and
selling data. They offer a means to communicate but control interactions. Users, the people who
create the value of these platforms, are charged instead of being rewarded, as are the brands vying
for their attention.

These platforms have oversaturated our lives with information to such a degree that brands and
individuals alike are now demanding niche communities of relevant, multi-directional sharing of
valuable content.

The power dynamic is shifting. With the birth of social influencing, it is the public that now holds the
power to create and circulate the most valuable content available; curated, authentic, and consensual.
We believe that our individuality and our creativity do and will hold the most value as we enter the era
of enhanced and artificial intelligence, automation and robotics. It is this value that needs to be
rewarded. Your influence, your creativity will be one of the main drivers of your wealth in this new
economy. We need to learn to master the means and systems that will enable us to create ongoing
value for ourselves.

Taking ownership of our digital selves and digital interactions is the first step towards having digital
beings fully integrated in society. In order to regulate this decentralised economy we also need the
tools and applications to earn and manage this wealth. JET8 aims to build an important part of this
economy. We began by recognising the value of the selfie and all it implied: Individuals opening up
their lives to brands, people working and spending within an ecosystem, social influencing being a
driving force of wealth creation and brand success.

This technology incurs a major disruption of the current economic model, democratising earning
potential and rewarding both data and content contributions; and a major disruption to the way brands
and consumers interact, changing forever the way we approach marketing, advertising, branding, and
sales. Users become creators, then earners, then consumers of the same brands they support.
With our network of branded asset creation & distribution, engagement monitoring & reporting system,
and the JET8 digital currency enabling brands to reward users and users to purchase products and
services: we offer a complete value chain and scalable network.

Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Coca-Cola, Danone, Nestle, Heinz Company, Avon, Friesland Campina,
Kimberly Clark and Pepsico are just few of the multinational holding companies benefiting from and
contributing to the JET8 ecosystem currently.

This is simply the first step in creating an egalitarian opportunity for wealth creation and an alternative
economic model that allows anyone, anywhere, to become earners and consumers within a
decentralised engagement platform.

Based on the real-world success of the current JET8 model, the launch of JUMBO Coins represents
the expansion of both ideology and technology, by extending access to this seamless technology for
creating, earning and purchasing.

The blockchain system offers an alternative to conventional, volatile banking systems, eradicates the
middleman who both charges for and slows down payment processes. With blockchain, payment and
settlement become one, no hidden costs, no delays. Peer to peer, user to brand, brand to creator, any
and every dynamic is constructed to benefit both parties, and the egalitarian alternative to traditional
models is born.

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JET8 Whitepaper