Invacio Whitepaper

Invacio: Moving beyond our token sale.
As an organization, Invacio became embroiled in the cryptocurrency sector in late 2017, at the time there
was a whitepaper released which highlighted technologies we own and products we planned to launch.
Since then, the world of cryptocurrency has changed an awful lot and so has Invacio.
This is not, therefore, your typical whitepaper filled with hopes and aspirations but is actually a direct
reflection of where we are as a company today.

Invacio is an organization steeped in Artificial Intelligence, developed over 6 years, at the heart of our
operations is a multi-agent AI system that is composed of many and varied individual AI modules that work
in concert together to provide our various products and services. In addition to our AI, we own and have
access to other technologies that come into play for our non-AI related products.
Our cryptocurrency INV is the means with which consumers can pay to use our services and products. INV
is a utility token and not a financial instrument.

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Invacio Whitepaper