InterValue Whitepaper

Blockchain technology is considered to be the Ɖfth most likely technology which will lead to disruptive revolution in productivity and production relations, following the steam engine, power, information technology and Internet. Since creation of Blockchain technology represented by Bitcoin in 2009, this technology has made great progress and received more and more attention. Especially in recent years,
Blockchain technology has become global focus.

From core technologies to chain applications, comprehensive explorations have been carried out for Blockchain. However, as far as current Blockchain technology is concerned, there is a big gap between chain technology and various applications. Especially, there are many technical diƋculties around Blockchain core technologies, which need breakthrough. At present, the infrastructure to support
development of Blockchain applications is unstable, thus many applications are not eƈective. Therefore, it is urgent to make research and development on Blockchain infrastructure, thus providing reliable support for various Blockchain applications, as well as promoting implementation of Blockchain applications in all kinds of industries, which makes Blockchain serve human beings faster and better.
We propose a infrastructure for global value-internet, InterValue. It aims to solve the problems such as low applicability, transaction congestion, high commissions, long conƉrmation latency, weak resistance to quantum attacks, poor anonymity in communication and transaction, incapability in crossing and merging chains, large space for storage and etc. InterValue would optimize and improve
Blockchain technology in all aspects including protocols and mechanisms, and become a genuine infrastructure of Blockchain 4.0. Also, InterValue would provide a platform for developing various DApps (distributed Apps), as well as feasible solutions to construct a global value-internet.


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