Ink Whitepaper


Ink is a decentralised solution harnessing the combined power of Consortium Blockchain, Public
Blockchain and Cross-chain Interoperability for the global Creative Industry. It consists of

æ Sovereign Consortium Blockchain for use cases in any region
æ Infrastructure for decentralised content production
æ Token issuance, applications and ecosystem based on a globally renowned public
æ Intellectual Property Asset Exchange
æ Cross-chain Protocol, technical and business solution for industrial implementation

The vision of Ink is to provide Sovereign Consortium Blockchain to different use cases, to redefine
roles, content and behaviours within the industry, and to build for the Creative Industry a
decentralised infrastructure in which various applications can be created and correlate to each
other under one highly integrated system. Based on a credible and stable public blockchain, an
Intellectual Property Asset Exchange is built as a trusted corridor for content-to-liquid-asset
conversion and token issuance, making it an integrated ecosystem. Furthermore, defining and
developing the cross-chain protocol enables value and information to flow freely between public
blockchain and consortium blockchain

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Ink Whitepaper