Influence Chain Whitepaper


Influence chain creates a token based ecosystem that exploits the advantages of private
blockchain by building up a token exchange where influential power (individualized
intellectual property) can be monetized into digital assets for the token holders.
People with influential power (influencers) can be celebrities, sports icons, artists,
authors, and talented individuals, each of the vertical has its unique supporters. Influence
Chain aspires to create value flows and uses cases between influencers and supporters.
INC itself is a decentralized utility token that swaps with influencer’s tokens on Influence
Exchange, its generalized circulation and liquidity can be realized on external exchanges
where INC token is traded with other cryptocurrencies.

Influencers are required to tokenize themselves in order to be listed on Influence
Exchange. Influence Chain offers an analytical mechanism called “Influence Index” where
analytics summaries are made available to public to evaluate influential powers from every
possible aspect of the listed influencers, including but not limited to their career
performance, production, traffics on major social platforms and so on. All those will be
factored into an individual specific index, the supporters/fans are given visibility to
influencers’ latest status and fair judgement on the pricing trend on Influence Exchange.
On top of Influence Exchange, we also built up a talent network to onboard talented
influencers by industrial verticals. A global network will be created to tap on sports,
celebrities, public figures as the first few verticals to be launched at the beginning stage.
Talent pool is where the influencers can incubate and do quick fundraising for their
projects, productions, or even themselves by monetizing their own tokens raised from the
investors/supporters. Till the project’s full commercialization, the pricing of influencers’
token will be pushed up to benefit all token holders. Any extra rewards for early supporters
are fully up to how the project is designed with minor governance on Influence Chain’s

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Influence Chain Whitepaper