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January 3rd 2009 marked the beginning of a new era of globalization and world
interconnection   when   the   first   Bitcoin   transaction   was   conducted.   Satoshi
Nakamoto[1]  made possible what was once thought to be impossible – a currency
and payment system not controlled by any person or organization. We know this
currency as Bitcoin and the underlying technology that powers it as Blockchain.
It has been 8 years since people started using Bitcoin, but only now are we
beginning   to   understand   the   real   potential   of   the   blockchain   technology   on
which   Bitcoin   is   founded.   Blockchain   does   to   economic   processes   what   the
Internet has done to information: today, anyone can have access to the global
economy   on   equal   terms   with   others.   In   this   document   we   talk   about   IEP,   a
multipurpose blockchain platform made for users. 

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Infinity Economics Whitepaper