Infinipay Whitepaper

What is Infinipay?
Infinipay is a crypto-currency made for financial transaction service. It has the master
node technology and will be invented to build up payment system and instant
transactions. The purpose of Infinipay is to help people be able to purchase goods at the
same price through crypto currencies that have the same value and price in the world as
Infinipay extends to the world infinitely.

What is Our Vision
We are going to create new economy which stands on block chain through Infinipay. We
should create IFP coin which is a basic element of Infinipay to construct network
economic system. And we will offer it people to buy it. Therefore, they can mine master
node faster by POS system and it will make a coin have their own value.

At first, the value of a coin is not stable but it will stabilize as time goes on.
The second step is to set up payment system. Consumers from all over the world should
be able to make a purchase what they want. When paying the price by card, we are going
to set up payment system by selling IPF which has the same value with the key currency
automatically. We will find out about the identity of the consumer and connect to Infinpay
Module that has a role of central bank. After that, I will confirm.

The third step is to interconnect the system with direct ATM technology, POS system and
a card reader. When the payment system is completed, we will make a coin as a real
currency by choosing partnership. After we build up self-reliant economic system, it will
make this coin only have the worth of money among current coins.
Thank You for your interest our InfiniPayCoin.

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Infinipay Whitepaper