Incodium Whitepaper

Along with the growth of the crypto currency market, risk factors such as fraud and
hacking are also increasing. This is especially true in the case of exchange
hacking, where the amount of damages are increasing by millions of dollars
monthly. There is no clear compensation policy yet, and this situation threatens the
future economic society that crypto currency represents.

From 2011 till date, there have been more than thirty (30) registered cases of
crypto currency exchange hacking incidents. While all these hacking incidents
have resulted in substantial damages to investors, there has been no effective
insurance product developed to compensate victims.

Incodium is adopting both a proactive and reactive approach to the situation.
Incodium provides a Security Monitoring Service to Exchanges that helps detect
and prevent Exchange hacking attempts beforehand. Nevertheless, when incidents
of hacking do occur, investors can rely on the Incodium compensation function to
quickly and accurately compensate them for any damages incurred. These
services will be delivered through the INCO Mobile/Web Wallet App, the safest
personal electronic wallet we are currently developing. The wallet will be available
to our investors for free.

We are also introducing the INCO System (Incodium Ecosystem) to maximize the
utility value of the INCO token. This is an innovative crypto currency financial
platform that applies crypto currency to healthcare, medical services, IT, and big
data. The platform will be a model for the realization of a connected society.
Ultimately, the Incodium project will contribute to the stabilization of the crypto
currency market and serve as the cornerstone of the future investor-centered

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Incodium Whitepaper