Ignition Whitepaper


The Ignition Network and its network token, ignition coin, is an
open-source, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency/commodity, designed and
engineered with the best ideas for decentralization, payments,
and value storage in mind from many different cryptocurrencies,
drawing from the best, including Bitcoin, Dashpay, Peercoin, and
others. The Ignition Network seeks to create a cryptocurrency
whose primary function is as a secure store of value and payment
system like bitcoin, without any of the current limitations that
we believe will one day inhibit Bitcoin’s potential growth.
The Ignition Network is designed to be a strong platform
engineered to both store and transfer value, with a focus on
properties such as decentralization, sustainability, and
fungibility at its core, to ensure it can survive and thrive for
decades or centuries to come.

The Ignition Network leverages the many ideas and proven
concepts created across the entire spectrum of the
cryptocurrency revolution. Incorporating various techniques and
code that enabled hybrid verification proofs, drastically lower
fees in comparison to traditional networks, limited supply and
measured, slowing inflation, capped at 5 million tokens, and
larger, faster blocks and block times (in comparison to

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