Ifoods Chain Whitepaper

It is a valuable strategy to make a detection platform for food quality and safety, and it relates
with national economy and people’s livelihood. At present, the effective eco consisted of
consumer, experts, enterprises, and organizations etc has not been established for food quality and
safety. Supply-side is lack of channels for reliable detected data transmission, consumption-side is
lack of convenient and safe food quality and safety detection methodologies, methods and
knowledge. The traditional centered detection methods, with disadvantages of high cost,
time-consuming, cannot meet the consumers’ requirements of rapid and instantdetections. We
express a desire and put forward a proposal to make a shared detection platform for food quality
and safety.

Ifoods chain is a public chain that bases on block chain technology to make a safe, reliable,
shared distributive food quality and safety detection. The profit of consumers, detection officer
and inspector is protected by smart contract. Food detectionsmart device and dynamic ARP
detection (DAI) technique enable the consumers’detection food quality and safety rapidly.
Multi-party is attracted to participate in the eco using excitation mechanism and shared block
chain technique. Block chain existing evidence and distributed storage technique guarantee the
safety and querying of the trade information. The development of decentralized application
(DAPP) and smart device realize the multi-distributive mode application of all technology areas in
food quality and safety.

The public chain system requirement is met by the design of the white paper. The public
chain system of Ifoods chain realizes many applications including smart devicefood detection and
dagger, distributed food detection data value delivery and protection, distributed food detection
network, distributed eco maintenance and administration, and distributed e-commerce network

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Ifoods Chain Whitepaper