Iconiq Lab Token Whitepaper

This Whitepaper describes Iconiq Holding and its digital asset management ecosystem, its
subsidiaries, Iconiq Lab and Iconiq Funds, and the ICNQ token.

Iconiq Holding is building the premier digital asset management ecosystem, launching trusted
financial vehicles and business opportunities for investors in the blockchain market, driven by the
ICNQ token.

To power the ecosystem, Iconiq Holding has created the ICNQ token, an ERC20 compliant utility
token. ICNQ provides privileged membership rights to its holders and acts as a voucher for
services across the ecosystem. Holders of the token gain exclusive access to Iconiq Lab, enjoying
exposure to some of the most promising ventures graduating the accelerator. Iconiq Funds offers
holders access to premium share classes in all its investment vehicles, such as PIFs, ETNs and ETFs.
All funds pay management fees in the ICNQ token. Additionally, Iconiq Funds’ asset management
platform allows portfolio managers to seamlessly manage their digital asset investment vehicles.
In April 2018, a finite amount of 20M ICNQ tokens were minted. Of these tokens, 4.1M have been
sold in presales throughout 2018, raising €2.5M. The Iconiq Holding team has purchased an
additional 3M with a 12-month time-lock. A remainder of 2.9M tokens have been burned and
10M are currently available for sale for a targeted hard-cap raise of €10M. 500k of the available
ICNQ tokens will be available for purchase in a public sale on GBX beginning Oct. 29th, 2018.
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Iconiq Lab Token Whitepaper