IQ.сash is universal large-scale blockchain platform for Traders, Investors & Miners. Its main goal is to provide instant anonymous
online payments and investing. Cryptocurrency has millions of active users around the world and the number of people
constantly grows very fast.

We create the first in the world hybrid coin/token cryptocurrency which includes 80% coin and 20% coin/token (Crypto
Depositary Receipt). is the best way to increase currency liquidity and to list tokens on exchanges closed for coins.
Investors will be able to exchange IQ receipt to with no limit on a 1 to 1 rate starting October 1 and get passive income
from coins (ROI 500% according to the 1st of August). Miners can exchange to IQ receipt and get access to the
maximum amount of crypto exchanges and sell their coins to investors.

IQ.сash team has developed and created Masternode network IQ for investors.

Now traders can trade IQ on cryptoexchanges. Investors with more than 3000 IQ can get passive income of 57% from the block,
and miners get 43% from the block. The remaining 6% (24924 IQ monthly) reserved for DAO is used to invest in different trading
projects like software, web sites, algorithmic trading systems, trading bots, startups, improvement of ecosystem and

This will allow IQ.сash to become a leader of crypto industry for traders and hold maximum efficiency and privacy payments
among the largest financial companies. Website Whitepaper