IGToke Whitepaper

IGToken- A unprecedented prediction market of based decentralization network. High centralization hinders social progress. Therefore, we hope to establish a completely decentralized Consensus Prediction System, and everyone’s weight is equal.

IGToken is a decentralization prediction platform, hoping to establish a consensus forecasting system with the same weight as the same, and use large data intelligent computing and analysis to realize enterprise application forecast.

IGToken uses incentives to allow participants in a market to communicate, instantly and transparently, their wisdom regarding the outcome of upcoming events, effectively predicting the future. We designed IGToken from the start to be decentralized, which makes it difficult to manipulate prediction results.

In IGToken prediction markets, IG tokens are used:

(i) by IGToken users to pay for a certain prediction through IGToken and (ii) to incentivize IGToken users (through the payment of a fixed number of IG tokens) to virtually “buy and sell” “outcome shares” in the Market. Users virtually “buy and sell” such “outcome shares” based on what they see as the probability at any given moment and agree on a virtual “price” that such transactions will occur. As long as a prediction is active, the virtual price continues to fluctuate and indicates the probability of an outcome according to the crowd’s wisdom. When a Market matures, meaning the market Event transpires in the real world, IGToken determines the winning outcome based on the Oracle of the Event. There is no payment of any form (whether in Fiat or IGT tokens) between the buyers and sellers with respect to the purchase and sale of the “outcome shares”. There are no“winners” and losers” once the Market matures and there will be no payment of winnings (whether in the form of IG tokens or otherwise) to “winners” or a deduction of assets (whether in the form of IG tokens or otherwise) from the “losers”. The IGToken platform implements three of the necessary conditions for crowd wisdom put forth by James; diversity of opinion, independence in making opinions, and decentralization of organization.


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