ICOS Whitepaper


Scope of the ICOBox Project
ICOBox is a unique product which allows to drastically lower the cost of
conducting ICOs through automating and introducing templates and models in
all three essential ICO components:
๏ Technology solution
๏ Legal solution
๏ Marketing solution

ICOBox aims to stabilize the ICO market through mass ICO campaign production
which will facilitate its decentralization and diversification.
ICOBox occupies a unique market niche because it is the first company
positioned on both sides of the market – that of a party conducting ICOs, since
ICOBox offers professional ICO solutions, and a token holder, because the
company also buys tokens of other ICOs.

Although the ICOBox solution lowers the costs of conducting ICOs, it also allows
to conduct them at a high professional level. Nobody knows the product better
than the team which developed it. Engaging full-time external ICO experts
requires significant time investment to let them learn the product, and,
consequently, a significant expense. The services offered by such agencies are
quite expensive, and because of their duration there is a months-long waiting list
for conducting ICOs.

ICO could be conducted by the project team, but developing a book building
platform from scratch, writing a smart contract, developing the legal concept,
amassing the information on marketing channels and resources will take the
project team, which is usually not well-versed in these areas, a very long time.

ICOBox is an SaaS (software as a service) product in which all standard ICO
elements are automated and simplified, and although the project team is
directly involved in the launching of the offering, the entire ICO process is
directed by experts in each of the respective ICO component fields. Such format
produces the shortest project launch time and the lowest cost, and the
customers no longer need to wait for an external agency to take on their project.

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ICOS Whitepaper