ICO OpenLedger Whitepaper

In the new age of digital currency, crowd funding has become more accessible than ever. Crowd funding-based ICOs have been made possible using blockchain technology, innovative project developers and the good will of people. OpenLedger is ushering in the new frontier in bringing you a new Economic Enterprise Engine: Crowdfunding 3.0.

Open Ledger’s vision is to attract some of the most promising ICOs for access by all interest participants. We believe that over time the industry will coalesce into just a few trusted and reliable marketplaces and organizations, through which project developers will seek capital, and where forums for the free exchange of tokens will emerge. Qualified professionals and advisors will also converge to provide reliable expert services to assist in the processes of tokenization, capital formation and asset trading.

ICOO is one such organization. Its team of professionals works with startups and early stage organizations to get their crowd funding campaign off the ground. ICOO experts provide services in the following areas:
Business model review and development
Establishment of new tokens (or coins)
Marketing of new projects
Coordination and selection of teams of advisors (accounting, legal)
Advice and support for secondary trading of tokens

ICO OpenLedger Website
ICO OpenLedger Whitepaper