Hybrid Block Whitepaper

We stand at the edge of a precipice. While the world-at-large isn’t fully aware yet, people close
to the blockchain community can feel the pending revolution. But this isn’t a sad revolution. It’s a
joyous one.

Throughout human history, we’ve seen the baton of power seized by distinct players across the
shifting eras of our evolution. From churches, to monarchs, to banks, to corporations, and now—to
the ‘collective individual.’

Never before has there been a system that can fuel independent power, somewhat ironically,
through the consensus of strangers who are all part of the same grand, decentralized ecosystem.
Never before has the prospect of borderless banking for the billions of unbanked people in thirdworld countries been a potential reality. But here we are at the precipice, staring at the opportunity across the chasm.

Any paradigm-shifting revolution takes time, and comes with seemingly insurmountable hurdles
to overcome. How do we educate the world to bring them past the fear of hackers and the dark
web? How do we, from a technology perspective, responsibly scale a system with no central leader? How do we enable the poor farmer in Africa to instantly and freely receive currency from his
son in South America, while also allowing big corporations to adopt the technology at enterprise

These questions are already being addressed and answered by an army of blockchain enthusiasts.
The community is hard at work, building a bridge to cross the canyon. And we’re excited to say
that HybridBlock is playing a critical role in forming the foundation of that bridge.
HybridBlock is building an ecosystem that seeks to bring 100 million new people into the blockchain network over the next three years. We’re mapping out our lofty goals and partnering with
the smartest people on the planet to execute our vision.

Our education platform, HybridCentral™, will onboard new folks from around the globe into the
blockchain economy. In parallel, our all-in-one trading ecosystem will bring a full suite of trading
tools to blockchain’s burgeoning infrastructure, serving beginners (BaseTrade™), intermediate
traders (HybridExchange™), and professionals (HybridTerminal™).

With a former Olympic champion, a Whitehouse official, investment bankers, and Wall Street
quants forming our core team, we are poised and ready to bring our society into a new era of
global freedom. If you can see the precipice in front of you, and want us all to land safely on the
other side, you should consider supporting HybridBlock. We invite you to become an active
participant in our story, and to be among the first pioneers to cross the bridge.

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Hybrid Block Whitepaper