Hubii Network Whitepaper


We are consuming more content than ever; 3.6 billion people read the news, listen
to music or podcasts and watch videos and movies online every day.
Supply and demand of content is constantly growing, however the fundamental
dynamics of the media industry are sub-optimal and a paradigm shift is required.
Writers, musicians, movie-makers and producers should be able to nd and reward
each other without the need for an intermediary (i.e. a media company),
other than the platform upon which an article or video is published.
Hubii Network is a blockchain-based decentralised content marketplace that facilitates
transactions between creators, distributors and consumers by leveraging
the power of smart contracts. Kickstarting this marketplace is Hubii’s existing
distribution network reaching out to over 50 million people.
By replacing the middlemen with an ecient infrastructure, content creators earn
more, distributors pay less and consumers have more choices. Smart contracts and
‘smart crowdfunding’, all using our native cryptocurrency, Hubiits, will shape the
content industry of the future.

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Hubii Network Whitepaper