HorusPay Whitepaper

HorusPay is a decentralized Global Payroll Portal that allows global entities to exchange private,
encrypted, secured data with international payroll vendors using blockchain technology. As an
alternative payroll solution, HorusPay offers distinct benefits. With HorusPay, global entities can:
Eliminate the middleman. By eliminating legacy payroll providers and aggregators, global entities can
avoid high fees and inefficient, triangulated communications.

Choose in-country vendors. HorusPay is the only Global Payroll Portal that allows global entities to
bring their own payroll provider—letting them select the best vendor.

Use one global portal. Global entities can standardize the payroll process and reduce their workforce
by consolidating their efforts with HorusPay’s Global Payroll Portal.

Streamline paying employees. Global entities can streamline payroll by paying employees with
cryptocurrency. In the future, recipients will be able to convert cryptocurrency into fiat currency*.
Integrate with common Human Capital Management (HCM) systems*. In the future, data will flow
automatically from HCM systems to the HorusPay portal—reducing errors and delays.

HorusPay is set to be the first Global Payroll Portal using blockchain technology and cryptocurrency—
revolutionizing the way global entities pay employees. This whitepaper outlines the problems with
legacy global payroll providers and aggregators, the HorusPay solution, the token model, and the
core benefits of using blockchain and HorusPay for global payroll.

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HorusPay Whitepaper