HitChain Whitepaper

HitChain Community Announcement
In only 50 years, the Information Technology revolution has profoundly changed the way we work and live. Wave upon wave of productivity
growth has been fueled by technological breakthroughs brought forth by
the computer, software, internet, mobile internet, cloud computing, big
data, IOT and now the Blockchain. We are standing on new ground, an
inter-connected world never experienced by humans before. Millions of
software developers and computer programmers around the world with
billions of lines of source code are undoubtedly the biggest contributors
to these great advancements. While the code created by these developers
has benefited many, far too few developers have been able to be properly
rewarded for their efforts. The initial capital investments required to build
a software business have prevented many developers from being the true
beneficiaries of their own work.
HitChain is a decentralized and collaborative community built to value
developers’ works with a transparent credit system using blockchain
technology. It is a community of the developers, by the developers, for
the developers. HitChain provides a platform for developers to automatically redeem the value of innovation and creativity with compensation
(currency value) and privileges (currency right). The self -governed system
will guarantee that each member has the responsibility and right to participate in community decisions.
HitChain community and the platform it runs on will embrace autonomy,
democracy, transparency and fairness without any third-party intermediaries or centralized supervision. HitChain members will be among the first
developers to recognize the full value of their efforts.
This white paper lays out a summary of the HitChain implementation plan
and related algorithms. As developers who have great faith in our own
kind, we invite you to join us in making this long-awaited dreamland a
full-fledged reality.

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HitChain Whitepaper