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Innovation and competition go hand in hand, one
always driving the other, and the employment
recruitment industry has hist orically been no
exception to this rule.

Job boards are an essential part of the recruitment
process. With employers and job-seekers alike
using these boards as a main method of getting the
word out about availability, it is nearly impossible
to go through the job searching process without
coming into contact with a job board. Despite
this, very few users of job boards understand the
evolution that these services have gone through.
Although job boards have changed in the past
15 years, one thing remains the same, they all
use a “centralized” business m odel. Centralized
applications(websites) are curr ently the most
widespread model for the job board market, and
the vast majority of the internet in general. Indeed.
com, Monster.com, and Careerbui lder.com all
follow this model. Centralized systems directly
control the operations and flow of information
from a single center.

These legacy sites are centralized and do very little to find quality applicants through
the high-powered engine of social networks and other information sources. These sites
are time consuming and can be overly complicated for users, especially when they
are bounced to company homepages repeatedly. In addition, these sites are not fast
enough for the growing millennial workforce.

HireMatch.io is a Decentralized Application (DApp) that will eliminate the friction and
costs of third party intermediaries like expensive recruiters, when firms are searching
for talent. HireMatch will reduce the cost to find, interview and acquire new employees
by removing unnecessar y friction and creating a more efficient marketplace by
incentivising “Agents” with our ERC20 token we call “HIRE”. [2]

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