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This document (“White Paper”) describes the Hero Origen Token (“Hero Origen Token” or “Token”)
sale pursuant to the Terms by David and Goliath Equity Group Inc., a holding company incorporated
under the laws of the British Virgin Islands (“Company”). If permissible under applicable law, the
Company intends (but has no obligation) to establish a foundation in Switzerland (“Foundation”) and
to donate the proceeds from the Token sale as well as all the intellectual property rights to the Platform
(as far as already existing) to the Foundation for the development and operation of the Hero Capital
Market Platform (“Hero Capital Market Platform” or “Platform”). The Platform aims to transform
capital capital markets in Southeast Asia in order to promote financial inclusion, transparency, and efficiency
for all stakeholders.

Two billion people, about 40% of the global population1, are still unbanked or underbanked
and cannot get access to affordable credit, even if they have well-paying jobs and are
connected to the Internet.

Despite making our global economy hum, the financial services industry today is fraught with problems
that make it more exclusive than it is inclusive. For one, it is arguably one of the most centralized
industries in the world, and also one of the last industries to feel the transformative effects of the
technological revolution. Bastions of the old financial order such as banks go to great lengths to defend
monopolies and often hinder innovations that might be disruptive to their businesses. The financial
system also runs on dated and cumbersome legacy technology.

Financial Financial institutions do not provide services to the unbanked as they are simply
unprofitable or too risky to service. More importantly, because of their monopoly positions
especially in developing economies, many incumbents have no incentive to improve
products, promote financial inclusion, increase efficiency, improve transparency, improve
the consumer experience, or appeal to the next generation of customers.

Savings and lending are foundational building blocks of modern society, serving as both fuel for Savings
funding economic growth and funds in times of financial need. Today we call the former as capital, and
the latter as credit. Increased access to capital for the unbanked can have a positive impact of
historical proportions. Without access to capital, Columbus’s expeditions to the Americas may not
have occurred, and perhaps nor would the subsequent explorations of the “New World”. Without
proper financing mechanisms, neither the Industrial Revolution nor the tech boom in Silicon Valley
would have spread at such rapid speed. Both national and local economies are affected by the ease
or difficulty to access capital. Access to credit is just as important. If you translate the examples earlier
to a local level, then you have billions of people who do not have access to credits to allow them to go
to school, remain healthy and grow their small businesses – credit remains a roadblock to economic
prosperity for billions of people, even if they have the talent, ambition and work ethic to prosper.

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