HeartBout Whitepaper

Today social networks are an integral part of life of every person. We can’t imagine a single day
without taking part in communities, exchanging messages with friends, looking for new
friendships, getting new information from our news feed, which information value we determine

Generation and consumption of information has become a part of daily routine for all of us. An
average user spends about two hours a day on social media, which is equivalent to five years
and four months over a lifetime. In the article How much time people spend on social media? on
a reputable American Internet web site Social Media Today the following data is given: Youtube
consumes about 40 minutes a day (1 year and 10 months in a lifetime), Facebook – 35 minutes
(1 year and 7 months), Instagram – 15 minutes. And these figures are only increasing.
People become both witnesses and participants of the process of evolution of social
communication. Telegrams and handwritten letters, time consuming delivery, and waiting for
reply became a thing of the past only yesterday. We and our contemporaries do feel but don’t
completely realize the addiction to social networks and messengers. Online communication
has become a way to fill free time and a tacit norm. Since the advent and development of the
blockchain technologies the online communication has put a new face on– monetization of user

The HeartBout social networking service was developed with the idea to convert time spent in
the network into profit for all participants (users and advertisers) in mind. After registration any
user gets an easy access to cryptocurrency and their own wallet.
HeartBout is a social network with a decentralized reward system based on a blockchain
technology. Users taking part in creation and promotion of content receive rewards in the form
of HBC cryptocurrency.

The HeartBout social network monetizes activity of users for publications, votes or comments
providing issuance of HBC through its advertising capabilities.

The HBC tokens can be spent on promotion of a publication (advertisement). Besides, the
coins can be taken out to an accredited stock and converted to other currencies in future.
Users assess content using “hot” (like) and “cold” (dislike) hearts. It means that the more often
a user uses the social network, the more HBC they can get.

The HeartBout social network will become a revolution of communication in social networks.
The HeartBout users will be rewarded for their activity, both authors and voters, and such
rewards will stimulate their involvement and encourage to spend more time there than in
common social networks.

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HeartBout Whitepaper