Hat.Exchange Whitepaper


HAT.Exchange is the first real-time P2P crypto-fiat currency exchange. It’s driven by
a simple core goal – enable users to purchase and trade in cryptocurrency.
The world has begun to take notice of the blockchain technology and the advantages of a
decentralized asset trading platform, ever since Bitcoin began its meteoric rise in the past
few years, have begun to surface. This rapid shift in value, technological and commercial, has
attracted many developers, who invest time and research into improving and innovating the

Today, there are well over a thousand diffirent crypto currencies leveraging the blockchain
and pushing the boundaries of possibilities. More and more businesses and merchants are
beginning to accept crypto payments, albeit limited to BTC and ETH in most cases.
HAT.Exchange targets ease-of-access and utility for people around the world.
However, simply the awareness of the potential cryptocurrency holds, is enough to motivate
developers looking to improve the way we deal with our funds/assets.
HAT.Exchange is a decentralized network of traders who interact amongst each other, trade
in crypto and fiat currencies and share the profits/rewards between them, all packed into the
most simplistic and intuitive application, available on multiple platforms.

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Hat.Exchange Whitepaper