Haracoin Whitepaper

Haracoin is a cryptocurrency with the vision to further the worldwide adoption of cryptocurrency.
To accomplish this vision Hara, Inc. is developing technology and applications to simplify the
use of cryptocurrency for the masses, as well as launching entertainment industry companies as
marketing tools to bring awareness of cryptocurrency to the world.

Our mission is to establish the worldwide mass acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrency. We
believe technology causes revolutions, and the marketing power of celebrities and the
entertainment industry can open the eyes of the world. Commerce on the internet is in a state of
change. With the creation and acceptance of the peer-to-peer electronic cash system of Bitcoin
and successive related technologies in the cryptocurrency industry the world is seeing the rise of
a new financial system. Online transactions are being made with blockchain technology that
eliminates the need for a trusted third party financial institution. This innovative technology and
the acceptance of the cryptocurrency system in many areas of the world has led to an explosion
of demand, which caused Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to skyrocket in value and establish
a new way to transact worldwide. Haracoin is a cryptocurrency created to become a worldwide
medium of exchange and an international anchor cryptocurrency which will be marketed to the
world through the entertainment industry.

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Haracoin Whitepaper