Hade Platform Whitepaper


HADE.io – HADE TOKEN White Paper 4
We aim to become the world’s largest network for
stock and crypto investment research by leveraging
blockchain technology with breakthrough products and
services, indepedent analysis, and the delivery of
information and news on a single SaaS platform.
“A decentralized Bloomberg for
BOTH stock and crypto investors”

We built a platform that can redefine the standard for equity and crypto research with superior
products and services to the legacy offerings of our competitors. We believe that our ready-touse
HADE Platform will do just that; and we aim to take our vision one step further with
the inclusion of blockchain technology to launch premium services, an advertisement
network, as well as to promote social engagement on our platform via a reward system.

The HADE Platform was built around the deployment of innovating technologies such as: data visualization, data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence that will push boundar- ies,
lower costs, and significantly improve the quality of legacy financial services. We believe that
blockchain technologies and HADE Token are crucial elements of that vision, in which our
entire business is built around. We believe that HADE Platform is the first and only product that will
actually bridge the gap between fiat and cryptocurrency investors with products & services to serve
both groups in one place.

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Hade Platform Whitepaper