Hackspace Capital Whitepaper


Hackspace Capital («HACKSPACE») is creating a dynamic new bridge between the worlds
of cryptocurrencies/blockchain technology and crowdfunding. HACKSPACE has partnered
with EnCata LLC («EnCata») – an elite design engineering/prototyping company for hi-tech
startups – to bring to the public both a new cryptocurrency and blockchain eco-system
as well as an ongoing series of cutting edge hardware products and related services on
which to spend the currency.

HACKSPACE Token Sale was launched on September 19, 2017 at 9 PM Singapore time
(UTC +8). Similar to other crowdfunding campaigns for hardware products, buyers
of the HACKSPACE coins («HAC TOKENS») will be entitled to use their HAC TOKENS
to acquire newly developed hardware products and services from the HACKSPACE
portfolio of companies («PORTFOLIO») and partner companies. Unlike traditional
crowdfunding campaigns, however, HAC TOKENS will allow token holders to acquire
not just one piece of a product in its design-to-manufacture stage but any product
or service in the PORTFOLIO at up to a 20% discount and up to 3 months before the
official market entry.

In the brief history of Token Sales, HACKSPACE is providing the first and only opportunity
for both investors and users of hi-tech connected products to participate in a range of
hardware startups in their early stages and gain access to hi-tech R&D services.
The proceeds from this Token Sale will be used to:
Invest in existing and future hardware startups which will provide goods and
services for HAC TOKEN holders.

Build a factory for mass producing the products developed by HACKSPACE startups
to reduce costs, control quality and accelerate the process.
Develop hackerspaces, R&D centers and a startup academy to aid and develop
future inventors and entrepreneurs to assure a perpetual volume of quality products for
HAC TOKEN holders.

HAC TOKENS can be freely bought, sold and traded on the HACKSPACE platform or other
liquid exchanges, and thus individuals looking to acquire certain products through the
PORTFOLIO can purchase the HAC TOKENS from existing holders on the exchange platform
and receive up to a 20% discount on their desired product or service within its ecosystem

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Hackspace Capital Whitepaper