Hacken Whitepaper


This white paper explains the key business components of Hacken
Ecosystem. It also details the recent initial coin offering (ICO)
of Hacken token that took place in the autumn of 2017. Further,
the document lays out the growth prospects of Hacken Ecosystem.
Hacken Ecosystem is a community-driven business organization
with several jurisdictions worldwide. It consists of Hacken Hub
(penetration testing, smart contract audit, and anti-phishing
services), HackenProof bug bounty platform, Crypto Exchange
Ranks (CER), and HackIT Conference.

HKN, an ERC20 token, is the only payment method allowed within
Hacken Ecosystem. Buying HKNs early allows token holders to
receive high-quality cybersecurity services in the future at an
attractive price.

Financial data and legal documentation on HKN token sale are
available as a separate attachment upon request.

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Hacken Whitepaper