HTMLCOIN Whitepaper


Htmlcoin is not just a cryptocurrency, but a new, secure blockchain based on Bitcoin Core that
integrates Ethereum based smart contracts. It implements an extendable design that can add
more virtual machines (VM) than other blockchain platforms. Enabled through an Account
Abstraction Layer, the Htmlcoin platform allows an account-based VM to function on a Bitcoin
UTXO based blockchain.

Htmlcoin is not an ICO. It is an established crypto coin that is expanding to become a blockchain
platform for multiple coins, smart contracts, and distributed applications. It is developed,
supported, and promoted by the Htmlcoin Foundation, which has not only designed a new
blockchain platform based on the best characteristics of Bitcoin and Ethereum, but has
expanded it to include the positive attributes of network technology stacks from the likes
of QTUM and ARK. Essentially, Htmlcoin is a hybrid of some of the best and most innovative
technologies of the crypto world, making it a premier coin and blockchain platform with the
potential to become an industry leader.

HTMLCOIN Whitepaper