Graviocoin Whitepaper

GRAVIO will accompany the user continuously (in a smartphone, tablet, netbook)
and will serve as a permanent personal assistant. It would help “attract” people,
things, events, interesting proposals of goods/services. In doing this, it will require
minimum configuration efforts from the user.

GRAVIO will have sufficient intelligence to become a smart assistant. Based on
simple settings specified by the user, the assistant will continuously analyze user
actions, track user movements, use user preferences – to help navigate the city, to
interactively “attract” events/services, report about identified potential security
threats. The assistant will constantly be learning to make its actions and
recommendations more helpful and informative to the user with each new step

Assistant will help – find information, exchange information, prompt the user
sights, events, facts, etc. in line with his/her preferences. Also assistant can help
user in his daily activities – whether private communications or business contacts.
It can help to structure information and keep “on the fingertips” what’s happening
in user’s areas of interest. If user is a member of several interest groups, the
assistant will help him to share information with peers and work on common
projects. It will help also to get an income by selling his ideas, materials,
knowledge, etc – every type of content, actual for members of different gravio

One of the basic functional concepts of the GRAVIO network is the notion of gravity

Gravity is a function based on:
Preferences (explicitly set)
Gravity points
Preference is an essence described by a set of attributes and their values.
Preferences can have temporal, territorial limits and a nominal range of action.
Gravity points is another entity described by a set of attributes and their values.
Gravity points may have time limits and are usually tied to a geographic location
(geographical coordinates determined automatically).

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