Golem Whitepaper


Grand vision and core features
● Golem is the first truly decentralized supercomputer, creating a global market for
computing power. Combined with flexible tools to aid developers in securely
distributing and monetizing their software, Golem altogether changes the way
compute tasks are organized and executed. By powering decentralized microservices
and asynchronous task execution, Golem is set to become a key building block for
future Internet service providers and software development. And, by substantially
lowering the price of computations, complex applications such as CGI rendering,
scientific calculation, and machine learning become more accessible to everyone.
● Golem connects computers in a peer-to-peer network, enabling both application
owners and individual users (“requestors”) to rent resources of other users’
(“providers”) machines. These resources can be used to complete tasks requiring any
amount of computation time and capacity. Today, such resources are supplied by
centralized cloud providers which, are constrained by closed networks, proprietary
payment systems, and hard-coded provisioning operations. Also core to Golem’s
built-in feature set is a dedicated Ethereum-based transaction system, which enables
direct payments between requestors, providers, and software developers.
● The function of Golem as the backbone of a decentralized market for computing power
can be considered both Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), as well as
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). However, Golem reveals its true potential by adding
dedicated software integrations to the equation. Any interested party is free to create
and deploy software to the Golem network by publishing it to the Application Registry.
Together with the Transaction Framework, developers can also extend and customize
the payment mechanism resulting in unique mechanisms for monetizing software.

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Golem Whitepaper