GoldBlocks Whitepaper


Investors and retail investors wishing to broaden their scope should not miss out on
developing assets like the digital currency. The growth rate of the cryptocurrency rate has
resulted in a total market capitalization that is currently estimated at $ 148 billion, and
continues to grow daily.

Decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (the first of its kind) are not regulated by
corporate or governmental structures and have no backing from other companies, banks
or companies holding assets in digital currency. Every COINZAI user can see every
transaction in the blockchain (in this case it’s based on Ethereum – Etherchain). It is public
for everyone. But it is not shown which transaction is done by whom. Each user can choose
whether his name will appear or not.

This known and new technology revolutionizes the whole financial system. All COINZAI
transactions are anonymous. No other institutions like the government are needed for
sending money from A to B. Banks can go bankrupt and lose your money by making bad
deals and big companies can sell customer data without getting consent. COINZAI Crypto
Payments and the technology of this network avoids problems like these.

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GoldBlocks Whitepaper