GoByte Whitepaper


Satoshi Nakamoto dreamed of creating a cryptocurrency that could replace our
current financial system that has time and again caused suffering around the world.
The idea was to create a platform of payments that was seamless, instant, secure, and
powerful enough to free the poorest in the world from the oppression of fiat currencies
by empowering them to break the cycle of financial dependency of banks. Nakamoto
launched Bitcoin to the world in 2009, but 9 years later, the dream has still not been fully
Cryptocurrencies are experiencing an amazing level of awareness growth when it
comes to trading on exchanges, but the dream of a system of payments that was the
foundations of the crypto revolution has not been achieved. While some spot locations
around the world are using bitcoin and alternative cryptocurrencies for payments, the
levels of adoption are so minuscule as to be statistically insignificant.
Our mission at GoByte is to fulfill the vision that cryptocurrencies were meant to usher
in by creating a smart, powerful, and easy to use payment system that can be accessed
and used by anyone on the planet. GoByte is the future of payments and will be the
realization of the cryptocurrency revolution.
In November of 2017 a group of young developers from around the world got together
virtually to create their own cryptocurrency. They took an existing currency called Dash
with its foundations in Bitcoin and created a new coin and network called GoByte with
the goal of changing how money transacts in the world. Now that the coin is launched,
and the team has launched the GoByte Pay merchant payment system, the next step
is to further advance the technology of the system making it easier and easier for
consumers and merchants to use it on a daily basis. This will be achieved by launching
a concerted business development and marketing strategy to get the product into the
hands of merchants and consumers worldwide.

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GoByte Whitepaper