Gnosis Whitepaper


Prediction markets have been poised to become one of the most disruptive innovations in capital
markets and data science since the beginning of the information revolution. First proposed in the
early 90s, prediction markets have yet to attract mass attention in the realm of forecasting and
decision-making despite their documented efficacy for information aggregation. With the invention
of powerful, peer-to-peer computing technologies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin, the scientific
exploration of market-based forecasting can proceed at a rate and scale previously unimaginable.
Our team believes undoubtedly that prediction markets will disrupt some of the largest existing
industries in the near term. Looking forward, we expect that the Gnosis prediction market platform
will form the basis for machine information economies on a global scale by realizing effective
information aggregation and empowering everyone to participate.
In order for a prediction market platform to become truly disruptive, it must be universal and
draw from a global liquidity pool. The platform must be decentralized, permissionless, and trustless
for such a liquidity pool to exist. With these requirements in mind, the Gnosis team decided to build
the platform on Ethereum.

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Gnosis Whitepaper