Global Social Chain Whitepaper


GSC (Global Social Chain) is the world’s first new generation of social networking chain that
owns hundreds of millions of social users. This social chain is determined to use block chain
technology to subvert centralized social networks such as Facebook, WeChat, etc., which
plays a dual role as “manager” and “arbiter” simultaneously for the former social networking
platforms. GSC creatively solves the following industry pain points:

1、To protect the security of users’ personal information and to prevent the tampering of
such information;

2、To restructure the user’s digital asset ownership, preventing the platform from collecting
and misusing the users private information;

3、To build a value-oriented social network: Use values to encourage the modification on
how the content is produced, extended and distributed. Consequently, the content created
by users can be turned into their own value;

4、To establish a fair social user credit evaluation system, creating a friendly and healthy
social environment, and improving social efficiency.

Social networking is the most basic and the highest frequency behavior of the human
society, becoming the most important Internet infrastructure and trading platform. The social
network is a natural source applied to the centralized block chain technology. GSC’s vision is
to utilize the block chain technology to restructure the values of the next generation of social
networking platforms and let the security of the private data and the digital assets become

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Global Social Chain Whitepaper