Gene Source Code Chain Whitepaper

The rapid growth in the comprehension and insight into genomic and human health data makes it
possible to significantly prolong human life expectancy in the next 20 years. The comprehensive
implementation of personalized healthcare technology will be the main driver of this change.
Personalized health care services will rapidly become more popular as the cost of genome
sequencing services rapidly falls within the next three to five years. The vast majority of health and
medical providers in the future will begin to provide services based on user genomes and daily
health data. The Gene Source Code (GSC) Foundation is committed to building the world’s first
storage and decentralized application platform for genomic and health data, known as the Gene
Source Code System. This system will be built around a human healthcare data ecosystem and
create one unique economic mechanism.

The goal is to encourage users to share genomic and health data within the ecosystem, provide
researchers with adequate data support, and provide data users with an easy-to-use interface. The
GSC System will create the world’s first distributed storage network blockchain system that
provides genetic data and individual health data through an integrated interface. Health and medical
service providers, including hospitals, chronic disease management agencies, and health consulting
service providers, can use the GSC System to build DApps. These applications will provide users
with personalized and accurate health services based on their genomic and health data, if they have
given prior consent.

The GSC team will also create a smart health management assistant DApp (which will motivate
users to share data and obtain health services) as a proof of concept application. Individual users,
will receive Gene Currency Rewards when sharing health data, and may also obtain accurate health
advice when they have shared enough data. The GSC Foundation believes that it’s every human’s
right to live a healthy life and that all people are universally equal even in this era of exponential
technological growth. This right should not be affected by a person’s economic condition because
each individual is already contributing to the overall health of humankind. The GSC system will be
based on secure blockchain technology and data encryption/masking technology so that each
individual has ownership of his/her health data and the benefits that come from that ownership.

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Gene Source Code Chain Whitepaper