Genaro Network Whitepaper


Genaro Network is a global blockchain ecosystem development project based in Singapore.
Genaro has pioneered the concept of Blockchain 3.0, a platform built around the first Turingcomplete
public chain with an integrated decentralized storage network. Blockchain developers
will have a one-stop solution to deploy advanced smart contracts and store data simultaneously.
The technological ecosystem will contribute to blockchain infrastructure development by
establishing common standards for decentralized applications.

To support the growth of the ecosystem, Genaro Network will open and operate a series of realworld
hubs, with an internal token-based economic model including an in-house accelerator
program, in places such as Singapore, Shanghai, and the Greater Bay Area. This combination of
blockchain storage infrastructure, decentralized application standards, and a global network of
hubs and accelerators will enable the incubation of hundreds, and then thousands, of decentralized
applications built on the Genaro Network, becoming the first app store of the blockchain.
Genaro is part of the revolution to move from “Cloud” to “Blockchain!” Genaro believes that only
when a blockchain can access and analyze big data in the real world can decentralized applications
be as useful as Internet applications.

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Genaro Network Whitepaper