GambleCoin Whitepaper

Gamble anonymously like a mysterious figure, neither heard nor ever seen…
GambleCoin gives you total control over your casino experience. Harrnessed with the power of latest technologies like BlockChain and Cryptocurrencies, you can now gamble online anonymously !

Who are we?
We are GambleCoin, An initiative to full anonymous gambling. We aim to give out users complete privacy over their gambling habits. We do this because we believe everyone has the right to do his own things on the internet without anyone having to know about it. We are also working on securing the Gambling site’s connected to the GambleCoin network. This will be done by providing a way for casino’s to use balance on special still to be designed nodes. If they choose to use this option the gambling site won’t be able to cheat since the nodes would determine if a user won the bet or not.

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GambleCoin Whitepaper