GXChain Whitepaper


Big data era arrived, internet of everything is not far away. The ability of human in produce, acquire, and process data has improved dramatically. Proper usage of data could significantly advance our knowledge of the world, the reaction to demands, plans for the business and society activity, as well as cooperation.

With the rapid development of internet and information technology, the speed of data production increase exponentially in recent years. For the society, data is a continuously expanding treasure. However, as the amount of data skyrocketed, data monopoly and information silo issues becoming increasingly urgent. Get data flowing and utilize it legally could yield incredible value to social productivity and economy.

Data is the most important means of production in the future, not only in a giant scale but continuously change with the evolution of human activity. Data is the key for us to understand business and society, which is indispensable for most industries. The blockchain is one of the necessary and fundamental technology in the future, building an “internet of value” that could be maintained and participated by everyone. As a trusted internet, blockchain is capable of minimizing the cost of data transfer and exchange.

The combination of data, the most valuable resource, and blockchain, an essential technology in the future, could discharge large business and social value, which establishes the mission and vision our team.

We have been building several products based on blockchain and data. As the cornerstone, GXChain combined big data and blockchain. GXChain aims to create a reliable and all around applicable data exchange network, enabling data from every aspect to flow, circulate, and exchange efficiently, saving them from silo and monopoly, and facilitating them to provide more for our life.